Spilling Ink

Do YOU have the WRITE Stuff ?

Beginning Wednesday September 24th, Ms. Cook and Mr. Jones will be sponsoring “Spilling Ink”, Hogansville Elementary’s writing club. This club will meet the last Wednesday of each month from 2:30 to 3:30. We are looking for students who would like to research different authors and styles of writing and who LIKE TO WRITE!!  Our intention is to place an emphasis on creative writing, allowing students to explore a side of themselves that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to write about.

Our goal is for students to develop three or four pieces of writing that will be published in a spiral bound book in the spring of the year. Students will be asked to research and write in between club meetings, much like a three week homework assignment but with FUN!!.  Ms. Cook & Mr. Jones will be available to proof any student work at any time during the month. We want to use our club meeting time for research, one-on-one conversations, and working on revisions & editing as well as exploring the entire writing process.

Student pick up will be at 3:30 promptly in the front of the school. Parents will be responsible for transportation arrangements for their child. Remember, whoever picks your child up MUST be listed on the school information card. If your child is in Boys & Girls club, we will walk them down there at 3:30.

             ***No bus transportation is provided for this club***