PTO Officers & Committees

The PTO is an organization of parents and teachers whose purpose is to support the education of Rosemont students.  The PTO is a vital function of the school and all parents and teachers are encouraged to join.  Meetings are open to all.  Parents and teachers are urged to become active in the school's PTO.  We hope you will join our PTO!  Membership is $5.00 per family.  The officers and committee members of the Rosemont PTO are:

President:  Lisa Levens

Vice President:  Maggie Powell

Secretary:  Ki Corley

Treasurer: Dixie Noles

Co-Treasurer:  Erica Moncus

Membership:  HaleyJohnston, Ginny Dyes, Aimee Vael, Lynn Thrailkill (T-shirt design)

Room Mothers:  Karrie Galyon

Book Fair: Lyza Jeffcoat

Box Tops:  Erica Moncus

Fall Fundraiser:  Chandra Allen

Spring Fundraiser:  Ginny Dyes (Chair), Lora Davis (Co-chair)

Santa Shop:  Rachel Sprayberry (Chair), Margaret Bagley (Co-chair)

Hospitality:  Phillip McClung & Vicki McEachern

Open House Dinner:  Rusty & April Taylor

Yearbook:  Rebekah Ralph (Coordinator), Anne Arrington (Sales & Ad Sales), Jennifer Pearson (Ads/Page design), Jayme Ogle (Cover/Page design), Nikki Studdard (Clubs/Page Design), Tabatha Horn (Coordinate Pictures)

Fall Festival:  Kelly Swanson (Coordinator), Rachel Sprayberry (Co-Coordinator/Door Prizes), Lori Hiers (Door Prizes), Remona Sheppard (Games), Mary King Kurrass (Games), Tracie Crain (Food), Anne Arrington (Baskets)

Christmas Parade:  Maggie Powell & Chandra Allen

Teacher Reps:  Bette Griffinn & Elizabeth Ivey

Parliamentarian:  Natalie Givins