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School News & Announcements

THINC sends SkillsUSA team to compete at Nationals in Louisville THINC SKillsUSA at Nationals

THINC is proud to send its students to compete at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference, including an all-female Mechatronics team!

06/21/17: TCSS Employment Trends Data Presentation @ Board Meeting Retention

Earlier this month, Chief Human Resource Officer Sequita Freeman, provided an update on Troup County School System Employee Trends. Within the report, it was noted that:

  • In Georgia, 47% of teachers leave the profession within five years. 
  • TCSS exit survey results noted retirement was the number one reason for leaving the district (41%).
  • TCSS exit survey results noted 87% of employees were satisfied with their position.
  • There is no significant difference between TCSS and GA retention rates. 
  • Some schools showed an increase in attrition more than others.

Read the entire report here.

06/20/17: EKES Hosts Berta Weathersbee Summer Enrichment Camp
Thanks to Ethel W. Kight Elementary for hosting Berta Weathersbee Elementary students during their summer enrichment program. The students receive transportation to Ethel W. Kight Elementary while their home school is being renovated with fresh paint, new kid-friendly furniture, and cleaning up is scheduled to take place outside of the building.
Ann George, also a teacher @ BWES, is the program director. She said, “We already have one student who passed his reading goal in the second week of the program." There are three other elementary schools hosting summer enrichment as well -- Ethel W. Kight, West Point, and Whitesville Rd. In this video, Tiffany Martin, Kindergarten teacher at Berta Weathersbee Elementary, helps two students with literacy skills during the summer enrichment program.

6/21/17: Junior University Students Attend Enrichment Camp Junior University

Over the past two weeks, close to 200 rising 6th thru 8th grade Troup County School System (TCSS) students roamed the halls of THINC College & Career Academy as they participated in the Junior University Summer Enrichment Program (Junior University). The purpose of Junior University was to enhance middle school student learning through advanced studies and hands-on experiments.

The enrichment experience, led by TCSS employees, fostered collegial support for students who are pursuing a more rigorous course of study throughout the regular school year. The curriculum focused on science, technology and robotics, engineering, math and foreign language. In addition, a new course in Technical Theatre was offered. The students designed a set, set up a stage, and placed lighting for a play. 

Read entire story here. 

6/20/17: TCSS Students SLAM into Summer Learning SLAM Camp

Last week, close to a dozen Troup County School System (TCSS) high school students got to SLAM into summer learning during the week-long Students Learning About Manufacturing camp hosted by local businesses and held at THINC College and Career Academy.

Duracell, Mountville Mills, KIA, and Milliken all stepped up and opened up their doors for SLAM students to learn about the manufacturing field. Each day when students arrived at THINC, they received an introduction to Robotics and had an opportunity to work on their robots, which would be in a friendly week-ending competition.

Read entire article here.  

6/19/17: TCSS Educators Prepare to Teach Medical Detectives Middle School Class Option Medical Detectives Training

Who said teachers didn't work summers??? Well, some of the Troup County School System (TCSS) Science and Social Studies teachers are getting prepared to teach new elective courses and state standard changes. Starting in August, middle school students will have student choice class options that are geared to their interest. Classes like Medical Detectives, Chess, and SAT Prep will be offered. In TCSS's high schools, a renewed focus on career pathways like Robotics, Fine Arts, Engineering, and Healthcare will be offered as well. 

Here, middle school teachers Lisa O'Neal, Courtney Agurs, and Tiffany Graham are participating in a "Testing the Senses" lab during training at Auburn University for the new TCSS elective class, Medical Detectives. This is just one of the exciting new programs that will be offered in TCSS schools in the fall!

06/14/17: Troup County School System Backs Berta

Late last week, an article highlighting Top 10 Schools for fighting listed one Troup County School – Berta Weathersbee Elementary. While the listing highlighted 2016 data, the Troup County School System (TCSS) is responding in a resounding way through ‘We Back Berta’.

06/12/17: House Bill 251 - Transfers

Under House Bill 251, a state law enacted in 2009, a parent or legal guardian of student in Troup County Schools may request to transfer the child to another Troup County  Public School for the upcoming school year. Before the transfer is allowed, the school district must determine that classroom space is available, that teacher allocations at the school are appropriate and all assigned students have been enrolled and scheduled. Please see the attachments below for details. 

Applications are due by Friday, July 7, 2017. 

TCSS Space Availability

House Bill 251 Parent/Guardian Information

House Bill 251 Application

School System to Purge Old Gifted Records

The Troup County School System will purge records of gifted students who graduated in May, 2016.
Gifted students/their parent or guardian may claim their gifted records by calling the Exceptional Education Center at 706-812-7939 by June 30, 2017.  Unclaimed records will be destroyed after July 1, 2017.
Records will be released to former students or their parent/guardian only.  A photo ID is required.

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