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School News & Announcements

02/15/18: Troup County School System Reviews Security Measures LCMS Doors

As more details arise of yesterday’s tragic event at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fl., we want to take this time to offer our thoughts and prayers to the students, faculty, families, and entire community that were impacted.

As a school system, we take safety very seriously. We have measures in place at each of our schools to make TCSS a safe learning environment and we want to share some of them with you.

  1. We employ School Resource Officers (SRO) for each of our middle and high schools. If a student feels their safety is being compromised, they can talk to the SRO.
  2. We have placed new or updated camera equipment and glass security doors in several of our buildings using Education SPLOST funds. We will continue the work until all are updated.  
  3. We work directly with the Sheriff’s Office and LaGrange Police Department on security related matters within our buildings.
02/09/18: Inclement Weather Make-Up Day Announced Harper Grace
Due to TCSS experiencing six inclement weather days, there will be one student instructional make-up day on March 9th as stated in the school calendar. The last day of school for students is still May 22nd.

TCSS EMPLOYEES will need to make-up two days of work time through documentation or submission of annual leave. More information will be forthcoming from your supervisor about documentation for the make-up days.

In addition, CERTIFIED TEACHERS will have two professional learning days scheduled for May 30th and May 31st. These are PLU days for teachers. More information will be shared in the upcoming months on how the PLU days will work.

Photo Credit: Harper Grace, Daughter of Angela Dettmering @ GNMS
2/14/18: West Point Elementary Students Share Why They 'Love' Reading

One of Troup County School System's top three district priorities is to increase the literacy level of our students. This means we want to help them become better readers and increase their vocabulary and comprehnsion skills. In this video, some of our students from West Point Elementary School shares their Lexile Reading Levels and why they 'love' to read. 



PreK and Kindergarten Registration March 12 - 16


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TCSS Approves THINC to Enroll Private & Home School Students Welcoming students

TCSS has approved a partial enrollment policy for Private and Home School students to attend THINC

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