Student Support Team

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The Student Support Team (SST) is a problem-solving process in every Georgia school. Its purpose is to find ways around roadblocks to success for any student referred to it. A number of recent events and decisions, both national and state, have placed markedly increased importance on the SST process:

  • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 has been strongly emphasized by the federal government as applicable to the schools' handling of certain student difficulties. SST documentation can meet most Section 504 requirements.

  • The realization that conditions beyond mere academics play a pivotal role for students at risk of failure. The success of the broad approach used by Student Assistance Programs (SAP, from the federal Drug-Free Schools initiative) has shown the value of collaboration, especially across agencies.

  • School-based management and problem solving have become one of the most recognized successes in the national education reform movement.

  • The SST process is a way for schools to demonstrate progress toward the national Goals 2000 areas of better teacher support and more parent involvement.

  • Increased concern on school safety has called for better classroom behavior management. Collective wisdom of SST members assists teachers with this.


It is the mission of the Troup County Student Support Teams to assure compliance with local and state mandates and to use collaborative decision making to remediate learning in the regular education setting.


The TIER 3 Team process:

  •  Is a consistent, collaborative support system for teachers and administrators.
  • Is a vehicle for identifying systemic needs requiring systemic actions.
  •   Provides the best environment for student learning with support when needed.
  • Is effective when specific, measurable goals are set and appropriately evaluated.
  • Identifies and implements interventions that are researched, data-based, individualized, and reasonable with appropriate documentation.
  • Exists to help teachers modify their teaching strategies and techniques to help students succeed.
  •  Emphasizes equitable participation of all members.

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Tier 3 Chairpersons 2014-2015

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