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This course provides students with a comprehensive analysis of the U.S. national government. It is designed to examine constitutional and historical background, opinion and participation in the political process, the politics of public policy, and the institutions of the national government.


The course has two main objectives:

  1. to gain a comprehensive understanding of the operation of the U.S. national government.


  1. to develop an analytical perspective toward the conduct of politics in the U.S., including:
    1. an understanding of typical patterns of political processes and behavior and their consequences.
    2. analysis and interpretation of subject matter and data through writing.


There is not a single “best way” to design an AP U.S. Government & Politics course.  The course is taught with a student-centered approach.  The methodologies used to teach the course include: lecture / outline notes, current event readings, group projects, student presentations, debates, Socratic seminars, and case studies.

  • Chapter 2 Exam

    Chapter 2 exam will be Friday, Spet. 15

  • Vocab quiz 4

    Vocab quiz will be Thursday, Sept. 14

  • Vocab Quiz 3

    Vocab quiz 3 will be on 9-12-17

  • Chapter 1 exam

    Chapter 1 exam will be on Friday, September 1

  • Vocab Quiz 2

    Vocab quiz 2 will be on Friday, August 25

  • Vocab Quiz 1

    Vocab quiz for week 1 on Friday, August 18

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