American Literature and Composition  

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Course Overview The ultimate goals for this class are to expose students to American culture, heritage, and history through study of our literature; and, to continue advancement towards more mature, refined writing skills.

Students will develop the following skills:

• Students will be able to adapt language, voice, and style in writing and speaking to effectively communicate ideas.

• Students will be able to use writing and speaking as an effective tool to influence others and enact change.

• Students will be able to maturely comprehend and analyze works of literature to generate insightful ideas about themselves, their cultural history, and their world.

  • Unit 1: Rebels and Rhetoric Unit 1 Common Assessment SOON!

    Unit 1: Rebels and Rhetoric Common Assessment will be on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2017.  -- (Make up tests will be taken on the day of any absent students' return to school)

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  • Class Syllabus

    Please review the class syllabus and return signed copy for first Class II grade opportunity! 

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