February Student of the Month

Kate Kirby and Colton Wiggins- Rich

Abel Orton- Haynes


Abraham St.Peter and Ryleigh Dunson- Sheppard

Kinleigh Nixon and Silas Havens- Freeman

Mackenzie Fomby- McCray


Ella Haywood and Ashton McDonald-Houser

Kennedy Clower and Colton Bledsoe- Parker

Karcynn Harris - Reynolds


Maddie Vines and Juniper Patrick- Conner

Alunah Blakes and Charleigh Mae Pruitt- Cockrell


Ariah Strickland and Alyssa Cole- McGill

Piper Rabun and Sydney Sharman- Napier


Brooklyn McJunkin and Aida Kemper- Bilbo

Sydney Thrash and John Honnald- Tomlinson

Issac Douglas and Taylor Rabun- Shepard


Austin Alexander- Ragland


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