March Student of the Month

Mckenzie Holliday and Vincent Brasher- Rich

Lochian Tumambing -Haynes


Abby Rhodes- McCray

Ben Rabun and Sydney Wiggins- Sheppard

Kinsley Potts and Roy Kim- Freeman


Brantley Fomby and Olivia Walston-Reynolds

Kayla Ware and Liam Benham- Parker

Remi Lee and Evan Cooley- Houser


Hailey Osborn and Bowen Smallwood- Conner

Bentley Macaluso and Khloe Poe- Cockrell


Sophia Smith and Hogan Mims- McGill

Wyatt Wood and Zoie Smith- Napier


Mavery Williams and Eli Laye- Bilbo

Christian Poole and Caden Voyles- Tomlinson

Adi Wisner and Carter Caswell- Shepard 


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