Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The PTO is an organization of parents and teachers whose purpose is to support the education of Rosemont students.  The PTO is a vital function of the school, and all parents and teachers are encouraged to join.  Meetings are open to all.  Parents and teachers are urged to become active in the school’s PTO.  The officers and committee members of the Rosemont PTO are as listed below.


PTO Officers and Committee Members:   


Lyza Jeffcoat     



Amber Spears   



Ki Corley     



Kathryn Parrott   



Haley Johnston   


T-Shirt Sales:           

Jill White/Aimee Vael


T-Shirt Design:         

Lynn Thrailkill/Johnny McCoy 


Room Mothers:         

Karrie Galyon 


Book Fair:                 

Cacee Pracht/Amber Spears 


Box Tops:                 

April Daniel     


Fall Fundraiser:         

Diane Irwin


Teacher Reps:           

Meagan Townsend/Abby Robinson


Open House Dinner:  

Rusty & April Taylor 



Nikki Bartlett (Coordinator)

TBA (Yearbook & Ad Sales)                                                                                                     

Rachel Sprayberry (Ads/ Page Design) 

TBA (Cover/Page Design)

Diane Irwin (Clubs/Page Design)

Tabatha Horn (Coordinate Pictures)



Rachel Sprayberry (Coordinator)

Carol McKeever (Co-Coordinator)

Bruce Danford (Co-Coordinator)

Terry Perry (Door Prizes/Auction Baskets)

TBA (Food)


Ice Cream:               

Rusty & April Taylor       



Frances Smith/Lindsay Fenn


Santa Shop:             

Rachel Sprayberry (Chair)/Kim Pullen (Co-Chair)                                                                            


We hope your family will join our PTO!  Membership is $5.00 per family.