Principal's message

Dear Rosemont Family,


Welcome to Rosemont Elementary School’s 2018-19 school year! It is my pleasure and great privilege to serve as your new principal, and to embrace you, your children, faculty, staff and community as we continue to nurture relationships and work together to provide the very best academic success for our children.    


We are excited to welcome many new families including new faculty and staff to Rosemont Elementary School this year.  With a projected enrollment of 550-600 students we welcome our student and teacher families. These additions include seven new teachers (4 classroom, 1 Music, 1 Speech and 1 Resource) so please join me in welcoming and meeting our new family members!  


Along with our incredible faculty and staff, our PTO is a devoted group of parents and teachers providing ongoing support for our children. With team work from PTO we continue to enhance technology within our building with promethean boards and classroom sets of chromebooks. You will notice new Tiger Cub signs one on the gym and one full size in the front foyer of the school, instructional materials for teacher classrooms, and soon to be new playground equipment all made possible through the generosity from our PTO organization.  If you are looking for a way to support our school, please join this special group of PTO members. A note of deep gratitude to our parents and teachers who have worked together to continue to make great things happen at our fine school!  


May you and your family find this handbook and calendar of school events both helpful and informative.  Included are policies and procedures established for the safety and well-being of our students.   Please read them carefully and share the information with your child so that he or she will understand the expectations of Rosemont students.  The school calendar is provided to help families plan ahead and join us for special events throughout the school year.  If ever you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the school.  I look forward to meeting you and continuing a relationship that ensures great success for all of our students.           


Thank you for sharing your precious children,                                                                                  

Dannette K. Walls

Principal, Rosemont Elementary