About Us

Last Updated: 6/2/2022 5:41 PM


The HOPE Academy

-People, Purpose, Passion-

-Transforming our youth-one Life at a time-from the inside out-


The mission of The HOPE Academy is to Help Our Pupils Excel in Academics, Behavior, and Citizenship-The HOPE Academy ABC's.  Intensive academic and social skills interventions are provided for those students whose needs are currently not being met through traditional school programs and services.  Upon successful completion of The HOPE Academy program and a recommendation by the school principal, students are transitioned to their home schools.

Parent involvement is essential to student success at The HOPE Academy.  Parents are required to attend an in-take orientation meeting and to complete a school application process prior to enrollment of their child at The HOPE Academy.  Additional parent conferences and meeting days may be scheduled during the semester.  Parents are expected to participate in these conferences and meetings to help ensure their child's successful completion of The HOPE Academy program.  Parents are also encouraged to call the school to schedule a conference at any time they would like to discuss their child's progress or have a question or concern.