School-Based Wellness



January 12, 2017

Wellness Goals:


  • Healthy behaviors are promoted, encouraged and supported

  • Employees and students have easy access to programs to help them make better lifestyle choices.

  • Employees and students have the opportunity to practice healthy lifestyle behaviors.


Strategies:  Student/Employee Fitness and Physical Education


  • LaGrange High School will offer physical education classes is offered at all grade level s as part of a sequential, comprehensive, standards-based program designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote and protect their health.

  • LaGrange High School will host at least one walk/run each school year for all stakeholders.

  • LaGrange High School will provide space for faculty, staff and students to exercise using cardio vascular equipment.

  • LaGrange High School will conduct at least one wellness/weight loss challenge per year that will be open to all staff and faculty.  Incentives will be provided for participation and achievement.


Strategies:  Nutrition


  • LaGrange High School will adhere to the USDA’s Smart Snack Standards throughout the school.

  • LaGrange High School will host at least one healthy dinner fundraiser per school year.

  • LaGrange High School will serve healthy meals twice daily in the cafeteria.


Data and Documentation to Consider:  School cafeteria menus; Fundraiser promotional documents; Weight room rosters; Wellness Challenge sign up sheets; Color Run materials; Wellness Committee agenda and minutes.


Description of Public Notification of Meetings:  Public Notices will be placed on school website and Facebook page.


Next Meeting:  February 6th at 3:30 in The Loft


Biggest Loser Kickoff – January 23rd




*All organizations adhere to the USDA’s Smart Snack Standard through fundraising.

*Water is available in the cafeteria, front office and tardy office for students and staff.

*Physical Education classes are available for student choice in class selection.

*Cardio equipment is available for use by LHS faculty/staff.

*Biggest Loser (weight loss challenge) kicked off January 23 and ended March 31st.  There were 32 participants with over 350 pounds being lost amongst those participating.