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Whitney Glisson, Principal:

Lesley McInvale, Assistant Principal:

Traviera Sewell, Assistant Principal:

Melissa Smith, Assistant Principal:



Tiffany Clark, Sixth Grade Counselor:

Ariel Warner, Seventh Grade Counselor:

JJ Brown, Eighth Grade Counselor:

Jill Darda, Secretary to Counselors:

Katie Newman, Media Specialist:


6th Grade: Team Brown

Sonya Brown, ELA:

Serenity Graham, Social Studies: 

Theresa Henke,

Frances Wood, Math:


6th Grade: Team Knighton

Mandy Knighton,

McKenzie Morgan, ELA:

Kenzie Reeves, Social Studies:

Christen Phillips, Math:


6th Grade: Team Cunningham

Christine Cunningham, Math:

Santrice Robinson,

Chelsea Boyd, Science:

Sandy Edmondson, Social


7th Grade: Team Pruitt

Trina Pruitt, Social Studies:

Erica Anthony, Math:

Braden Shealy, Science:

Greg Bush, ELA:


7th Grade: Team Olson

Justyn Olson, Science:

Kathy Hulett,

Vacher Hammett, Social Studies:

Troy Kelley, ELA:


7th Grade: Team Ross

Katina Ross, Math:

Jeremy Cross, Social Studies:

Quin Prather, Science:

Dedra Thornton, ELA:


8th Grade: Team Strozier

Chantrice Strozier, Social Studies:

Brittany Aplin, ELA:

Doug Cook,

Adledhi Caldwell, Math:


8th Grade: Team Hart

Stacie Hart, Science:

Sara Morman, ELA:

Paul McClurg, Math:

Chase Thompson, Social Studies:


8th Grade: Team Sands

Sara Sands, ELA:

Melinda Golden, Math:

Jodi Vaughn, Science:

Rachel Monroe:


Exploratory and Other Staff

Rose Alford:

Dylin Barnes, Band:

Asha Brown, Chorus:

Bill Bush, Engineering:

Mike Bush:

Kali Callaway, Agriculture:

Blake Craft, PE:

Patrica Dees, Orchestra:

Kelly DeMarino. Exceptional Ed.:

Ansley Dean. Exceptional Ed:

Marlana Giddens. Exceptional Ed:

Matthew Graham. Greenpower:

Jaymes Harlan. Exceptional Ed:

Mike Healy, 8.5:

Lauren Kuerzi, Read180:

Shabre Lovelace, PE:

Chris McCalla. Drones:

Will McPherson. Exceptional Ed:

Leslie Meadows. PE:

Charles Milligan, ISS:

Kandy Morris, Speech:

Paige Murphy. Read180:

Meghan Pearson, Exceptional Ed:

Patrick Shivers, Weight Training:

Avery Smith, Exceptional Ed:

Ronnie Sivell, Exceptional Ed:

Elena Thomas. Art:

Bryan Wallace, PE:

Andrew Sessions:

Becky Woody, Math Lab:

Diana Williams. Exceptional Ed:



Tammy Daniel:

Ashley Janney:

Ginny Dyes:

Brittney Lawhorn:

Djimon Edge:

Heather Estes:

Melissa Lancaster: