Pre Calculus

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2018-2019  Pacing

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Unit 1: Unit Circle/Trigonometric Functions

Unit 2A: Graphing Trigonometric Functions

Unit 2B: Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Unit 3: Trig Identities

Unit 4: Law of Sine and Cosine

Unit 5: Conics

Unit 6: Probability 

Unit 7: Matrices

Unit 8: Vectors 


GSE Pre-Calculus Curriculum Map

GSE Pre-Calculus Course Overview  

Trig Cheat Sheet (Reference Guide)

Standards of Mathematical Practice    

High School Mathematics Flip Book  

GSE Effective Instructional Practices Guide Mathematics (includes Three Act Tasks, Formative Instructional Practices & Number Talks)

Learning Village  |  Illustrative Mathematics

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