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Unit Resources

Unit 1: Transformations on the Coordinate Plane

Unit 2: Similarity, Congruence & Proofs

Unit 3: Right Triangle Trigonometry 

Unit 4: Circles & Volume

Unit 5: Geometric & Algebraic Connections 

Unit 6:  Applications of Probability

Georgia Milestones Assessment

Geometry EOC Test Blueprint

Achievement Level Descriptors (ALD's)

Geometry EOC Assessment Guide

Geometry EOC Study Guide

Geometry Quick Review

Geometry EOC Formula Sheet

EOC approved Graph Paper       

Calculator Policy


Geometry Course Overview               Standards

Geometry Curriculum Map

Standards of Mathematical Practice    

High School Mathematics Flip Book  

Math Dictionary
(This web site has activities to help students more fully understand/retain new vocabulary.)

(Definitions and activities for these and other terms can be found on the Intermath website.)

GSE Effective Instructional Practices Guide Mathematics (includes Three Act Tasks, Formative Instructional Practices & Number Talks)

Learning Village  |  Illustrative Mathematics

College Board SAT Question of the Day