8th Grade Accelerated Mathematics

2018-2019 ACCELERATED Pacing Guide

8th Grade Formula Sheet

8th Grade Unit Resources

Unit 1:      Transformations, Congruence, & Similarity

Unit 2:       Exponents

Unit 3:       Geometric Applications of Exponents

Unit 4:       Functions

Unit 5/6:    Linear Functions, Linear Models, & Tables

Unit 7:      Solving Systems of Equations

Mini-6:      Statistics

Unit 8 (9th Grade Unit 1) Relationships Between Quantities and their Expressions

Unit 10 (9th Grade Unit 2)Reasoning With Linear Equations and Inequalities

Other Resources

GMAS Assessment Guide

 ALDs(Achievement Level Descriptors)

Comprehensive Course Guide for 8th Grade Mathematics

Curriculum Map for 8th Mathematics

Georgia Standards of Excellence (6-8)