9th Grade Literature & Composition


Pacing Guide:



2018-2019 9th ELA Pacing Guide



9th Curriculum Map Overview/Scope and Sequence

Unit 1:  Journeys and Heroes

Unit 2:  Survival

Unit 3:  The Need for Empathy and Respect

Unit 4:  Choices and Consequences



Georgia Milestones EOC Content Weights

  • Reading and Vocabulary:  53%
  • Writing and Language:  47%

9th ELA Assessment Items

9th ELA PARCC Sample Items with Multiple Response

Georgia Milestones 9th ELA EOC Assessment Guide

Georgia Milestones 9th ELA EOC Study Guide

2015 Georgia Milestones Item and Scoring Samples

Achievement Level Descriptors (ALDs) 9th ELA


2 point Constructed Response Rubric

4 point Narrative Rubric

7 point Argumentative Rubric

7 point Informational/Explanatory Rubric

Rubric Conversion Scores


Writing and Research Progression Chart

9th Know and Do Standards Document

Basic MLA Information

MLA Checklist for Research Papers