School Clubs


Berta Weathersbee has several extracurricular clubs that meet after school.

No new clubs will be added after the start of the school year. 

Below is a list of clubs, purpose, sponsors and activity guide.


  • Basketball (co-ed): sponsored by Coach Grier; the purpose is to provide students the opportunity to work as a team, develop athletic skills, practice good sportsmanship and have fun. (Grades 3, 4 & 5)


  • Berta Steppers: sponsored by Kristin Copeland, NyShunda Welch and Dalecia Williams; the purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to work as a team to perform exciting step routines for our school and community. (Grades 4 & 5)


  • Boys 2 Men: sponsored by sponsored by Coach Grier; the purpose is for fellowship, leadership training, and to discuss topics relevant to boys at this age. Additionally the students dress for success each Thursday by wearing their best clothes and bow-ties. (Grades 3, 4 & 5)


  • Broadcast Team: sponsored by Molly Allen and Michele Hancock; the purpose is to deliver the daily school announcements and news. Students serve as anchors, camera people and set technicians. Individuals were selected based on applications, academic performance, public speaking skills, excellent behavior and attendance. (Grades 4 & 5)


  • Cheerleading: sponsored by Jaketa Hardnett; the purpose is is to support the school's athletic events. The team will help foster school spirit, promote teamwork, and encourage good sportsmanship. (Grades 4 & 5)


  • Chorus: sponsored by John Curry; the purpose of the Eagle Chorus is to develop and encourage talent in the area of singing and to increase an appreciation for music. Activities include school wide and community performances. (Grades 4 & 5)


  • Drama Club: sponsored by Jessie Slater; the purpose of is to learn about acting, play production, and stage work culminating with two yearly performances. 


  • Girls in P.E.A.R.L.S: sponsored by Dalecia Williams; the purpose of is to "Present Excellence in Academics and Represent Leadership in School (P.E.A.R.L.S)." In order to promote self-image and appropriate attire, the girls will dress their best every Thursday and wear a strand of pearls that they received when accepted to the program. The club meets bi-monthly after school to socialize, play games and discuss topics that cover the unique challenges that girls face. (Grades 3, 4 & 5)


  • Science Club: the purpose is to promote interest in science among all BWE students and the community. The club will spread both science interest and knowledge to students and their families by making Science Club a fun, welcoming environment where science is relevant and useful. (Grades 4 & 5)


  • Soaring Eagles: sponsored by Brittany Pierce, is the highest non-academic honor at Berta. Students are selected based on a continuous display and practice of character education qualities. (Grade 5)


  • Student Council: sponsored by April Todd; the purpose is to provide training opportunities to develop student leaders, and followers, provide the experience of school management, the development of personal conduct and responsibility, to increase the awareness of civics and duties in society, and seek input from students regarding improvement of the school. (Grades 3, 4 & 5)