In May 2016, Troup County registered voters chose to continue the Education Special Local Option Sales Tax (ESPLOST). ESPLOST is important to our school system and the community. It has made an impact over the last 20 years in our facilities, transportation, and especially technology.
ESPLOST provided additions at many of our campus', including LHS's new building and cafeteria. It has also provided the funds to build state-of-the art schools like EKES, CES and FFES. In addition, we have been able to make all of our buildings and facilities completely wireless; providing a learning environment that is conducive to being college, career, and work ready.

These projects, along with proposed ones, help to build a great sense of pride in our school system. It helps keep our facilities maintained anc creating an environment of building rigor into our curriculum, relevance to our students and relationships both inside and outside of school hallways. 

ESPLOST has paid for items that would otherwise have to be paid from property taxes. Items such as buses, playgrounds, HVAC systems, building repairs such as leaking roofs, computers, Chromebooks, and Smartboards are all funded through ESPLOST. There would be no way to pay for those items without raising property taxes. (Currently, we have a property tax rate of 18.85 mills and it would require an additional +6.211 mills to cover the cost of items included in all ESPLOST's). 

This continuation of the education tax is an investment in our school system and students. Learn more about ESPLOST and its benefit to Troup County by clicking the links below:

History of ESPLOST in Troup County

Videos of ESPLOST projects and how it helps students

Frequently Asked Question Page and Printable Document

Did You Know Informational Pieces
ESPLOST External Audit Report
List of Proposed Projects


How Does ESPLOST Benefit Troup County

  • Students will have up-to-date technology to compete in the 21st century
  • Enhance safety and security measures at TCSS facilities
  • Provides a five-year revenue stream for needed building updates and improvements
  • 30% of revenue is provided from out-of-town guests visiting Troup County
  • Funding will allow permanent facilities to be renovated or constructed  
  • Technology and associated curriculum improvements will ensure students get the best education possible 
  • A majority of the work is completed by local design and construction firms
  • An educated, well prepared student ready for the strong labor market