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Tracy L. Fox, Chief Human Resource Officer

New Martin pic

Dexter L. Martin, Chief Talent Officer/Title IX Coordinator


TCSS Human Resources
100 North Davis Road, Building C

LaGrange, Georgia 30241

PH: 706.812.7900

FAX: 706.845.4380

Email: hrdepartment@troup.org

Office Hours M-F 7:30am-4:30pm

Summer Hours M-Th 7am-5:30pm

Meet the rest of our HR Staff:

Dora Paige, Executive Assistant - Receive and process all Personnel REC forms, Loan Forgiveness and Verification, Recruitment, Supports the CHRO, CTO and all HR Specialists.  Extension 1143

E-mail: paigedk@troup.org


Patricia Holcomb, Human Resource Specialist - Classified Employees - All Paraprofessionals, Transportation (including Subs), Nutrition (including Subs and Chartwells), Environmental Services (including Subs), Maintenance, Clerical, Operations and IT, Non-Certified Evals and Recruitment.  Extension 1137

E-mail: holcombpl@troup.org


Tracie Campbell, Human Resource Specialist - All Middle and High School Certified Employees.  Extension 1190

E-mail: campbelltw@troup.org


Haley Booher,  Human Resource Specialist - All Elementary Certified Employees.  Extension 1129

E-mail: booherhd@troup.org


Jeanette Davis,  Human Resource Specialist - All Substitute Teachers, Summer Workers, Student Workers, Community Coaches, ACE workers, Supplemental Contracts, Volunteers, FMLA, AESOP.  Extension 1128

E-mail: davisej@troup.org


Nigel Walker,  Ed. D, HR Coordinator, Program Specialist for Teacher (TKES) and Leader (LKES) Effectiveness, Workers Compensation, COVID Dashboard Update, Remediation Plans and Vector Solutions.  Extension 1165

E-mail: walkernl@troup.org


Steve Heaton,  School Safety Director, Athletic Director, Title IX Investigator (investigations).  Extension 1168

E-mail: heatonsd@troup.org


The Human Resource Department is committed to the recruitment, hiring, and retention of highly qualified and effective employees to educate all students in a challenging and safe learning environment. 


The Troup County School System is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The school district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or sex in employment practices. The Board of Education shall comply with all aspects of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Amended, 1973), Title II of the Vocational Education Amendments of 1976, and other Federal, State, and Local laws, rules, regulations, policies, and statutes.
Any inquiries regarding compliance with the following laws may be directed to the listed designees:


2022-2023 Certified Salary Schedule

Code of Ethics

Personnel REC Form Directions

Thank you for your interest in the Troup County School System!

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For a list of Troup County Schools Certified Vacancies go to: 



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Human Resource Informational Links

Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GAPSC): www.gapsc.com
PH: 1.800.869.7775   
8:00am- 4:30pm  M,W, F 

E-mail: mail@gapsc.com


Georgia Assessments of Certified Educators (GACE): www.gace.ets.org
PH: 1.855.225.7178


Georgia Department of Education (GADOE): www.gadoe.org
PH: 1.800.311.3627


West Georgia Regional Educational Services Agency (RESA): www.ciclt.net/sn/clt/garesa
PH: 770.583.2528


Teacher Retirement System of Georgia (TRS): www.trsga.com
PH: 1.800.352.0650


Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS): www.ers.ga.gov
PH: 1.800.805.4609


State Health Benefit Plan: www.dch.ga.gov/shbp
PH: 1.404.656.4507


Houze & Associates Benefit Plans: www.houze.org/troupboe
PH: 706.882.2864

Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE): www.pageinc.org
PH: 1.800.334.8555


Georgia Association of Educators (GAE): pv.gae2.org
PH: 1.800.282.7142


Other Human Resources Links: Click Here