Vision, Mission and Beliefs

Last Updated: 7/19/2022 12:05 PM


Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be a school system that is adaptable and flexible while creating innovative programming that will prepare our students to pursue their passions, and ultimately to prepare them for post-secondary education and careers.

Mission Statement

The Troup County School System is committed to educating ALL students using creative and innovative strategies that provide 'A Place For Every Kid.'



        In the Troup County School System, we have identified six core values that define what we want all students to experience. They are:

  1. Connection 

  2. Equity

  3. Achievement

  4. Resilience

  5. Integrity 

  6. Compassion 

District Goals

  1. Focus on Student Success and Well-Being.

  2. Ensure Equitable Opportunities for All.

  3. Focus on Recruiting, Inducting, and Retaining Quality Staff

  4. Cultivate the Capacity of the School System to Function as a Flexible and Adaptable Organization.

  5. Lead in the Cultivation of Relationships and Strategic Partnerships between the School System and Parents, and Among Agencies and Organizations which Provide Services to Children.


Full Strategic Plan