College and Career Readiness

Troup County School System (TCSS) teachers, school administrators, and district leaders currently receive Rigor and Relevance training and executive coaching through the International Center for Educational Leadership (ICLE). The district started this initiative in August 2015 by procuring Dr. Bill Daggett and ICLE to make the necessary changes to meet the needs of all students in the 21st century. 


In August 2015, Dr. Daggett, Chairman and Founder of ICLE visited Troup County and spoke to the entire TCSS employee base, business partners and community leaders. His philosophy of meeting all rigorstudent needs through a variety of ways resonated with the audience. ICLE has completed an assessment review of TCSS using: 

  • School Observations
  • Classroom Observations
  • Gauging Student Engagement
  • Surveys for Employees, Students and Parents
  • Lexile Study of Reading Demands in Troup County

Since that time, we have made significant gains in preparing our students for their defined paths after high school - whether that be going to college, serving in the armed forces, or joining the workforce. 

Graduation Robe Signing


After the assessment review, TCSS began an intensive focus on providing a rigorous curriculum, relevant learning, and building meaningful relationships.  Each teacher and administrator participates in professional learning and coaching throughout the summer and school year. This training:

  • Challenges educators to think differently to prepare students to be college and career ready
  • Helps educators learn to design instruction that brings rigor and relevance into the classroom
  • Uses proven best practices from the 25 most rapidly improving elementary, middle and high schools in the country
  • Provides a baseline for conducting school and classroom observations for rigor and student engagement
  • Provides survey input from teachers, students and parents; providing trend data for each individual school and creating positive school culture