Z - Dr. Brian Shumate is Ready for TCSS

Last Updated: 2/25/2019 3:14 PM

Dear Troup County Community,

I am honored and humbled to have been named the Superintendent of TCSS. As a 32 year veteran in public education, I’m excited about the opportunity that I have been given and the potential of where this system can go from here. After my visit to the area, I can tell the system is standing on a very firm foundation with great kids, families, staff, facilities, and community support. I believe we can collectively move into the next echelon of the state in all areas.

I want to take a moment and share a bit about my family. My wife Dana and I are both public school graduates. Our two children are, as well. We all matriculated in the Jefferson County Public School System in Louisville, Kentucky. Both our daughter and son-in-law are graduates of the University of Georgia and the University of Louisville medical school and are currently in medical school residency in Louisville. Our son and daughter-in-law are graduates of Western Kentucky University and live in Chicago, Illinois.

Public education was great to me because I not only received a quality education, but I also met my wife in school. We both began teaching in Jefferson County in 1987. I was a high school mathematics teacher and coach and she was an elementary teacher. We both served in the Jefferson County Public Schools serving in a variety of positions for 27 years and we left in 2014 after I was named as the Superintendent in the Medford School District in Medford, Oregon.

As I am completing my fifth year in Medford, I’m very proud of the results that we have achieved and the positive culture that now exists in and around the school district. I look to extend that positive culture to TCSS.

When deciding to make a move, my family and I researched communities and school districts all around the country. We quickly realized what gems the Troup County community and the Troup County School System are. From an outsider's perspective, we are sitting on something special and we have all of the components to move in a positive trajectory. To do this will take a collective effort from our staff, our families, and the community. 

While I do not officially begin until July 1, I plan to make several visits to the community over the next few months as well as begin to have conversations with staff and committee members. I am a high-energy, straightforward, relational leader who will look at issues very fairly and objectively and make decisions that are the best for the schools and our kids!

Dana and I certainly appreciate the support that we have already received. With all sincerity, I truly am blessed, honored, and excited to serve this community in the role of Superintendent. I look forward to getting to know you all and I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that the Troup County School System provides.

Brian T. Shumate, Ph.D.