About Finance

Last Updated: 6/22/2022 7:14 PM
Dr. Burckbuchler
Dr. Scott A. Burckbuchler, Chief Financial Officer

100 North Davis Road

Building C

LaGrange, GA 30241



Office hours 7:30am - 4:30pm

Summer hours M-Th 7am - 5:30pm


The Finance Department of Troup County Schools is responsible for the overall fiscal management of the district, as well as overseeing payroll and benefits.


Executive Assistant to the CFO: Whitney Green (greenwc@troup.org)

Accounting Coordinator: Tracie Hill (hillta@troup.org)

Financial Systems Analyst: Stephanie Reason (reasonsd@troup.org)

Budget & Procurement Analyst:  Christy Tidwell (tidwellcm@troup.org)

Accountant: Amber Alford (alfordac@troup.org)

Payroll and Benefits: Amanda Anderson (andersonaa@troup.org) / Pam Sylvis (sylvispe@troup.org)

Finance Support Specialist: Pam Crews (crewsph@troup.org)

Accounts Payable: Kristal Chavez-Gonzalez (chavezgonzalezkl@troup.org)

Internal Accounts: Brandi Sheppard (sheppardbn@troup.org)


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