TCSS New Mask Policy


1.  Masks will be highly recommended for all staff and students beginning October 18th.

2.  At this point, we are going to use the student positive COVID cases as our primary metric.

3.  If a school has 1% or more positive student cases, we will again require masks for that school only. The requirement may be lifted if the number of positive student cases drops back down the 0.5% or less. For example, if your school has 1,000 students, we will require masks if there are 10 or more positive student cases in that school. Once the number goes back down to 5 or less, we will go back to highly recommending the masks.

4.  If we reach a critical mass of schools that are over 1% and are required to masks, we most likely will require them district wide again. What is a critical mass? It depends, but somewhere between 5 and 10 schools would probably give us enough concern to return to a full district mandate.

5.  Masks will continue to be required on buses at all times in accordance with the CDC guidelines. Daily bus cleaning protocols will remain in effect.

6.  All other COVID protocols will remain in effect (i.e., social distancing when possible, cleaning protocols, temperature screening, water stations, hand washing, visitor restrictions).

7.  If we have a positive case in a school, contact tracing and quarantining will be handled as it is now. However, it is important to note that individuals who have been vaccinated and/or have a mask on will not have to be quarantined if he/she has direct contact with a positive COVID person. 

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