House Bill 251

HB 251

Troup County Schools
House Bill 251 (HB 251)
Parent/Guardian Information

Under House Bill 251, a state law enacted in 2009, a parent or legal guardian of student in the Troup County School System or a system employee that resides in the state of Georgia may request to transfer the child to another Troup County Public School for the upcoming school year. Before the transfer is allowed, the school district must determine that classroom space is available, that teacher allocations at the school are appropriate and all assigned students have been enrolled and scheduled.

1. Travel Reimbursements and/or District transportation will NOT be offered by the Troup County School System. Parents must provide transportation and incur all costs associated with transporting students if the student is selected to attend a HB 251 school. Parents/guardians choosing this option assume all costs associated with transporting the child to and from the selected school.
2. Parents may obtain applications online at or by making an appointment with the Office of Student Assignment located at 100 North Davis Road Building C, LaGrange, Georgia 30240. Summer office hours: Monday – Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., office closed daily 12p-1p and on Friday’s.
3. All applicants must reside within the Troup County School District or be employees of the Troup County School System and residents of the State of Georgia. Applicants must provide a valid proof of residence (i.e. mortgage, lease, current utility bill-gas, electric, or home telephone).
4. For the 2022-2023 school year, all applications and supporting documentation must be received by June 29, 2022. All mailed applications and supporting documentation must be postmarked by June 29, 2022.
5. Instructional capacity is used to determine the number of available seats in a school and grade level. Instructional capacity is defined as the number of classes offered in a grade level based on the number of teachers earned and students enrolled according to state funding formulas and maximum class size requirements.
6. If the number of applications exceeds the projected number of open seats for any or all schools and grade levels, a lottery (random selection process), open to the public, will be conducted. Parents selected to enroll in a school with available seats will be notified through U.S. Mail.
7. Each applicant will have an opportunity to apply for a first, second, and third choice site. All lotteries will be based on the applicant’s first choice. The second / third choices will be considered if the number of applicants does not exceed the number of student replacements in the first choice sites.
8. Parents who choose to accept placement for their child through HB251 will be allowed to continue enrollment of their child in that school through the highest grade level only. Students will not automatically receive an enrollment preference in the middle or high feeder school.
9. Students selected to fill available seats will be offered placement in writing. Parents must enroll their child by the date listed on the approval letter or forfeit the seat.
10. In accordance with guidelines from the State of Georgia, schools with available space will not be required to offer programs for Individualized Education Plans (IEP) or Individualized Accommodation Plans (IAP) if the program is not currently provided at that particular location.
11. There will be no sibling priority with the exception of a student of a multiple birth who is selected for a seat. The sibling or siblings of the multiple birth students will be drawn simultaneously during the lottery. If a seat is available, the other sibling(s) will receive placement.
12. Any student transferring under this law shall be subject to the eligibility requirements of the Georgia High School Association (GHSA).
13. No transfer to or from The HOPE Academy shall be considered or approved.
14. Any provision in this law or state board rules pursuant of this law shall not override federal requirements.
Consideration and notification of transfer request will be made as promptly as possible but may be made after the beginning of the school year when final enrollment has been calculated along with proximity zone assignment and requests, class size and teacher allocation. Until a determination is made the student should attend their currently assigned school.

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