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THINC College & Career Academy shapes students to be “work savvy” when entering the workforce or college. These students are highly desirable to businesses and colleges not only because they’re equipped with technical and career-specific skills, but because they understand the soft skills of business – a firm handshake, a strong work ethic and critical thinking skills.

From day one, THINC students are engaged in relevant learning that is connected to their career and college pathways. Well-trained instructors prepare curriculum that meets college entry and career-readiness requirements, while infusing instruction with soft skills development.

For more information you can click here to view our www.thincacademy.net "General Information/Overview" website. (The site you are currently viewing is considered our "Daily Operations" website for TCSS)

Dr. Chris Williams, Principal

706-668-6800 (office)
706-668-6801 (fax)