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Branded Photography


LCMS Science

When you are at school you may see an event or classroom lesson that you want to share with the community. A picture is a great way to help you tell the story to people who are not in attendance at the event or in the classroom. Below are some tips to help you tell a good story through photos.  PLEASE SUBMIT all photos and photo stories to We like to use them on the district's Facebook page and If you have any questions, contact the Public Relations Department.

Seven Quick Photo Tips:
  • Media releases: Ensure all subjects have a media release on file. If they do not, take photo with those who are authorized.
  • Who can you see: Ensure you can see all subjects in the photo. If multiple cameras are in use (i.e. at an awards or sporting event), ask subjects to look at you and hold up your hand so they know where to look. 
  • Focused or blurry: Ensure the photo is focused and not blurry. It's okay to take the photo again if it is blurry, even if you are short on time. It is best practice to have a good, focused photo. If not, it may not be useable on social sites or the website.
  • Lighting is key: If you are in an area where lighting is undesirable, quickly move the photo opportunity to another area. 
  • Color is better: Don't stand in front of a white wall. It is good practice to have something that signifies the school or venue. Stand in front of books school logo. 
  • Clothing appropriate: Many of our students wear shirts with sayings...ensure the wording is appropriate.
  • Quality over quantity: It is better to have two great photos than 10 unusable ones. 

Photo Examples


Will Ellington - Drones
Reading - HHES


Marion Sankey
THINC Engineering


FFES - Dictionary
Sandy Melton
Google Expeditions