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2022-2023 Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

The goal of the Professional Learning Communities is to meet regularly and discuss standards-based approaches, common assessments, student work, student-level data, interventions, and instructional improvement strategies.

The Hope Academy - Instructional Planning Using Data, written by Stephanie Winn-Chappell, Principal of THA

LaGrange High School - Real Understanding and Learning, written by Jamie Bozeman, Principal of LHS

Rosemont Elementary School - The Power of Collective Teacher Efficacy, written by Martie Hornsby, Principal of RES

Callaway Elementary School - Reading and Math Projections Higher, written by Melanie Bastien, Principal of CES

Franklin Forest Elementary School - Instructional Plan Resources, written by Lindsey Binion, Principal of FFES

West Point Elementary School - Data and Growth, written by Keneithia Cook, Principal of WPES

THINC College and Career Academy - Adding Rigor and Relevance to the Classroom, written by Dr. Jennifer Pike, Principal of THINC

Troup County High School -  Targeted Support of Students, written by Niki Watts, Principal of TCHS

Hollis Hand Elementary - Empowering Teachers and Engaging Students, written by Dr. Matt Body, Principal of HHES 

Clearview Elementary School - Deconstructing Standards with Data, written by Shannah Mabry, Principal of CVES

Hogansville Elementary School - Guiding Questions, written by Dr. Hanna Beall, Principal of HES

Berta Weathersbee Elementary School - Mastering Standards, written by Willie Cooks, Principal of BWES

Hillcrest Elementary School - Meeting Students Needs using iReady Results, written by Christy Keeth, Principal of HCES

Callaway Middle School - Strategies & Maximizing Instructional Time, written by Todd McRae, Principal of CMS

Callaway High School - World Literature, written by Jason Graham, Principal of CHS

Ethel Kight Elementary School - Improving Students' Foundational Skills in Reading, written by Candace McGhee, Principal of EKES

Long Cane Elementary School - Using the Data, written by Katie Brown, Principal of LCES

Long Cane Middle School - Meeting with Purpose, written by Whitney Glisson, Principal of LCMS