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In accordance with Georgia State Board of Education rule 160-4-4-.01 (Media Programs) and Troup County School Board policy IFBD (Media Centers), accessibility is defined as access to the facility, the staff, and the resources and shall be based on instructional need.


The school library media center must be accessible to individuals and groups simultaneously throughout each instructional day.
The center should be accessible before classes begin in the morning and after classes end for the day.

Flexible Scheduling

Policy 160-4-4-.01 and TCBOE policy IFBD require a flexibly scheduled, collaboratively planned media program.

Flexible schedule is defined as a schedule that allows simultaneous access to the media center by individuals, small groups and entire classes at the point of instructional need. (See item 5 in this DOE document.)


To maintain a flexible schedule, teachers should not select the same time slot or day to bring groups on a regular basis.
A calendar is provided for teachers to request instructional use of media resources, including personnel and facilities.

Collaborative Planning

Collaborative planning is defined as the teacher and media specialist working together to identify strategies and resources to effectively deliver units of instruction to students.

Therefore, teachers and media specialists should cooperatively plan media center usage for whole class instruction.
Responsibility for delivery of instruction is determined during this planning process. The teacher will remain with the class and supervise activities.