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Barcode Symbology
Code 39, Mod 10 (14 Digit Barcode)

Codabar is a barcode symbology, or format, that was developed in 1972 and has been a mainstay in libraries worldwide ever since. Codabar barcodes are 14 digits long.


Example Codabar barcode: 35555000012349

•    3 (1st digit): Barcode type. 3 for material, 2 for patron.

•    5555 (2nd - 5th digits): 4-digit Location code. Defined in Setup/Locations (see above).

These are usually assigned by state, provincial or regional governing bodies.

•    00001234 (6th - 13th digits): 8-digit Item ID. This is the actual 8-digit portion you will use in Destiny and which you will see in your records. This is the ONLY part of the number
you have or need any control over when editing patron or material records.

•    9 (14th digit): Check Digit. This number is based on a formula that is calculated automatically, and it should never be changed (nor can it be). There is no reason for you to keep track of the checksum.