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Ignoring Peer Distractions

Skill: Ignoring Peer Distractions

When to use the skill:

When another student is yelling, throwing books, kicking the desk, or rolling on the floor

Why to use the skill:

So I can continue to learn and listen, so that I don’t end up in CI, I want to finish my work so that I can attend community field trips.

Skill Steps: 
Post skill steps on front board and on student desks to provide cues and prompts.
Skill steps need to be explicitly taught (i.e., what does each step look/sound like?).  Digital pictures can be used as additional visual supports.

  1. Ignore-look the other way 
    a) Do not join in with inappropriate behavior
  2. Stay in seat 
  3. Keep working/listening to the teacher

Teaching Examples:
Explicitly model each skill step including your metacognition.
Then each student role plays an example based on their needs (the rest of the class watches to see if the student is displaying all steps correctly). They hold up a green/yes card for yes or a red/no card for no to give peer feedback and remain on-task during the lesson.
Scenario-student is rolling on floor during lesson, student throws books,

Non Examples: 
Teacher acts like a student and throws books and others in the class gets out of seat and joins in the screaming.  Discuss why this is not a good example.

Students receive tickets during the lesson and throughout the day for ignoring peer distractions. Teacher prompts/cues the expected behavior.
Cue Use:
Today we learned/reviewed how to ignore peer distractions. Where can you try to use this skill?
When a student starts to display inappropriate behaviors, pre-correct the skills that were taught.  Please show me….

Use verification sheets for parents to reinforce & review the skills at home

Ignoring Peer Distractions

1. Ignore-look the other way (Do not join in on yelling, throwing, or rolling on the floor.) 

2. Stay in Seat


3. Keep working/listening to the teacher