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Teach Conflict Resolution Skills

Teach Conflict Resolution Skills

Why should I do it:

Many students lack basic skills necessary for solving and resolving daily conflicts with other students, adults, authority figures, etc
Enables and empowers students to be more independent and highly functioning
Reduces teacher’s time “putting out fires”
Increases instructional time
Promotes maturity
Improves self confidence
Reduces tattling, bickering, and disruptions

When should I do it:

Conflict resolution skills are good to teach all kids in your classes at the beginning of the year and then again once a month to keep the strategies fresh in kids minds
When students bicker, argue, and fight a lot
When you lose time due to student conflicts and disagreements
When a student is being suspended a lot due to fighting and conflicts with students and adults
When students have trouble compromising, taking turns, sharing, etc

How do I do it:

At the Tier 1 Level, think of doing coping lessons and interventions for the whole class or groups
At the Tier 2 level, think of doing coping lessons and interventions for groups and individuals
At the Tier 3 level, think of customizing specific coping lessons and interventions for specific students

There are many skills and strategies for teaching kids conflict resolution, many of which can be found and explored below under support & resources
These lessons and ideas for teaching the skills, found below, can be done with individual students, a small group, or the whole class
Conflict resolution skills should be taught and revisited on a regular basis and should include role playing to practice the skills
When students fail to use the taught skills, have them reflect on how they could have handled the situation or conflict and role play it with them
Model proper conflict resolution skills for your kids with any opportunity you get, and point out to the students afterward how you used the skills


Resources & Support for technique: (Items with footnotes link to external websites)

Becoming A Problem Solver.pdf 1

Bullies 2 Buddies lessons (3 free pdf downloads): How to Stop Being Teased and Bullied Without Really Trying, A Revolutionary Guide to Reducing Aggression between Children, & The Golden Rule Solution to Racism 2

Bully Prevention In PBS.pdf 3

A Sample Behavior Rubric: Aggressive Behavior Consequence Rubric.pdf 4

Bullying: Time To Think Reflection Sheet For Lower Elementary.doc 5

Bullying: Time To Think Reflection Sheet For Upper Elementary.doc 6

Bully Think Sheet.doc 7

CPS (Collaborative Problem Solving Technique).doc 8

Embedding Bully-Proofing in School-wide PBS – PBIS.ppt 9

Self Talk & Bullies.doc 10

Think Sheet.doc

Think Sheet.pdf 11

Tips For Problem Solving.doc

Trash Talk Vs. Real Threat.doc

Warning Tickets.doc 12

Let Kids Fix Own Problems.pdf 13

Pre K To Grade 2: Conflict Resolution.pdf 14

Grades 3 To 5: Conflict Resolution.pdf 15

Teach Students Planned Ignoring 16

Highly Recommended Bullying Links 17

101 Great Comeback Lines 18

Bullying Defense Skills Training 19

Bullying Advice 20

FAQ When Your Child is Being Bullied 21