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School Bus Unloading Crossing the Road Safety Instructions 

Safe Student Behaviors if REQUIRED TO CROSS Road AFTER EXITING the Bus

  1. LOOK – for moving traffic in all directions, especially to your right, before you exit. Cars sometimes pass the bus on the right side. When OK…
  2. WALK – away from the right front of the bus in full view of your driver, going past the extended bus crossing gate. Then stop and . . .
  3. WAIT – for your bus driver’s signal to cross. On their signal, stay 12 feet away from the bus and walk to the center of the road and . . .
  4. STOP – looking both ways for moving traffic. Wait again for your driver’s signal that it is OK, then continue to. . .
  5. LOOK – for moving traffic as you promptly cross and exit 12 feet off the road.

Crossing the Highway is DANGEROUS – Cars May Not Stop!


  • YOU must look for cars in all directions, especially the right, before you exit.
  • When it’s OK, walk straight away from the right front of the bus, in full view of your driver until you get past the end of the bus crossing gate. Be careful in the danger zone.
  • Stop and face the center of the road. Wait for your bus driver to signal when it is safe to cross. Then look for moving cars as you walk to the center of the road.
  • Stop there and look both ways for moving cars. The stop arm is asking the cars to stop, but they may not stop. If you see a car moving, wait for it to stop. Wait again for your driver to signal that it is safe finish crossing.
  • Then continue to look for cars as you walk promptly across and exit 12 feet off of the road.