Fifth Grade Social Studies



Curriculum Map

Teacher Notes

Unit 1: Connecting Themes

Unit 2: Citizenship, Business, and the Government

Unit 3: Bigger, Better, Faster: The Changing Nation

Unit 4: War and Prosperity

Unit 5 : The Great Depression and the New Deal

Unit 6: Another World War

Unit 7: War Turns Cold

Unit 8: Civil Rights Address Civil Wrongs

Unit 9: United States from 1975 to the Digital Age

Unit 10: Building a Budget

Social Studies Lab: World War I- How do we remember war? 


GADOE 5th Grade Social Studies Standards of Excellence Website



**2018-2019 Curriculum**

Georgia Standards of Excellence, Teacher Notes, and Instructional Resources


Yearly Pacing Calendar


Quarter 1

U1: A Changing Nation - SS5H1

U2: War and Prosperity - SS5H2

U3: America Rebounds - SS5H3

Quarter 2

Benchmark Map

U4: Another World War - SS5H4

U5: A Different Type of War - SS5H5

U6: Being a Responsible Citizen - SS5CG1,2,3


Quarter 3 

Benchmark Map

U7: Fighting for Freedom

U8: Financial Literacy


Quarter 4

U9: Understand the News: What's America's Role in the 21st Century?

U10: Making a Budget