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Media Relations Protocol



  • Communicate as fully as possible and as soon as practical on topics of interest to external stakeholders, ensuring transparency and credibility.
  • Use social and traditional media platforms, and the TCSS and school’s websites, reaching external stakeholders with messages that are consistent across departments and schools.
  • Work with external media, partners, and outside organizations to promote TCSS.



  • Develop/distribute material that originates from Central Office and school Media Specialists through traditional media/outlets and the TCSS/school’s media platforms and websites.
  • Serve as point of contact for inquiries for external media.
  • Support staff members at each school who are responsible for communication via social and traditional media, their school websites, and other platforms as appropriate; in particular:
    • Supporting/Coordinating communication efforts by school staff (see examples below).
    • Providing training and assistance on a regular basis for internal TCSS and school news, events, and social platforms.
  • Support internal and school communication efforts

Examples of needs for coordination between TCSS communications and school personnel:


Responsible for Communication

Support From…

School closings, schedule changes

Individual school/transportation delay

School (notify Cabinet Offices and PR)

TCSS PR if needed

All schools closed/major transportation delays


School Admin., District Admin., Staff

Grants, awards, scholarships, well-known guest speakers, signing days, other celebrations

School/student/teacher receives BIG award/honor

TCSS PR works with school for higher visibility

Principal, Staff, Honoree, School Contact

Spelling Bee/Academic Meets - school level win

School (notify Cabinet Offices and PR)

Club Advisor

DECA/Drone Competition - state/district level qualifier and/or winner

TCSS PR works with school for higher visibility

Principal, Staff, Club Advisor

GA Pre-K, Red Ribbon, School Lunch Week, etc.

School (notify PR of events/activities)

Event Coordinators


TCSS PR coordinates with Cabinet/Schools as soon as issue is identified

Cabinet, School Admin.