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TCSS Teacher of the Year

The 2023-2024 System Teacher of the Year winner is … Layna Kemp.  Mrs. Kemp teaches 2nd Grade - all subjects. Congratulations Mrs. Kemp! 
She shared with us one of her favorite teaching moments:

"My team and I once created an activity that reviewed Creek and Cherokee life and allowed students to discover the concept of barter and trade. Students were split into different “tribes” and asked to build a model of their tribe’s community. However, each group was given a single “natural resource” to build their community (popsicle sticks, tape, etc.). Without a teacher-directed lesson on bartering, students realized they couldn’t complete the task with just one material and began bartering and trading for the materials they needed. I loved watching them learn and apply this concept in a fun and relevant way!"


Dr. Linda Wood - Troup County High School
2022 - 2023 Teacher of the Year


Hannah Frady - Troup County High School
2021 - 2022 Teacher of the Year


Due to COVID-19 and the changes to the TOTY Program from the Georgia Department of Education we experienced a gap year for 2020-2021 with no teacher of the year competition.   


Traveria Sewell

Traveria Sewell - Long Cane Middle School
2019 - 2020 Teacher of the Year



Randy Hardigree - LaGrange High School
2018 - 2019 Teacher of the Year



Kayla Yeargin -Troup County  High School
2017 - 2018 Teacher of the Year
2018 - 2019 GADOE State Finalist                



Jill Gay - Hollis Hand Elementary School
2016 - 2017 Teacher of the Year

TOTY Recognition

The Teacher of the Year program is designed to recognize excellence in teaching. The process includes:
  • Selection of the nominees from each school by their peers
  • Nominees submit anonymous written essay applications
  • Community and system judges read the anonymous applications
  • Three finalist are chosen
    • One Elementary
    • One Middle and
    • One High School Teacher
  • Three judges from outside TCSS 
    • Score written essay applications and resume
    • Observe classroom teaching
    • Interview finalist
  • All nominees are recognized before the TCBOE
  • Coke United presents a plaque to each nominee
  • Nominees receive a supplement 
  • Surprise Patrol visits three finalist bringing flowers and gifts
  • Board recognition and icebergs presented to finalist
  • Reception is hosted for all nominees and finalist
  • Three finalist receive an additional supplement 

The nominees and finalist are featured throughout the school year through social media, web stories, news articles, videos and their favorite teaching moments.


Archived Teacher of the Year Winners (pre 2016)