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School Governance Team Protocols

During the summer and fall of 2018, the School Board participated in two (2) training sessions in School Boardsmanship offered through the Georgia School Boards Association. The final training session resulted in the development of the enclosed document entitled: Troup County School System Governance Team Operating Protocols. The Troup County Board of Education officially adopted the Troup County School System Governance Team Operating Protocols, on October 18, 2018. While this is a “living document” which may be refined from time-to-time, it sets forth the standards that the School Board believes should govern the performance of school board members and those that define expectations for the Superintendent.


This booklet contains the Troup County School System Governance Team Operating Protocols as well as several other related documents: the School Board Code of Ethics, a statement on Board-Superintendent Relations, and a listing of the School Superintendent’s duties. Together, these documents explain in great detail the proper relationship between the various members of the school system governance team. I believe that, in deciding to publish this collection of documents, the Troup County school board members have made a strong statement about their commitment toward establishing and maintaining professional relationships between themselves, school system administrators, and the community at large.